Monday, November 14, 2011

World's Best Party Favors: Surprise Ball How To!

These surprise balls are easily my favorite party favors. They are so much fun to share with guests and leave a festive pile of curly crepe paper in their wake. I loved watching my grandma and grandpa tossing one back and forth across the table and my little niece Louise jumping with joy at each scattered sequin and feather. They are so easy to make- here's how you can make your own!

Since my party had an autumnal theme (pumpkins!) I gathered things from my craft stash that had a woodland or fall feel. I chose my painted faux pumpkins as the big surprise at the end of the ball, little foam lady bugs, silver feather charms, miniature deer, sequins, turkey feathers and a supply of cheesy googled pumpkin jokes. Use your imagination to find these dime store treasures at the craft store, thrift shop, Oriental Trading Company or Etsy.

You'll also need a supply of crepe paper in assorted colors. I used Cindus Crepe Folds trimmed into strips, but the ordinary garland kind would be even easier.

Start your surprise ball with your biggest and best prize since this will be the last thing your friends discover inside. Tightly wrap with crepe paper over and over and over again, recovering areas as needed until you begin to have a ball shape.

Every so often, add a little treasure. Here is a tiny golden feather charm. Now wind wind wind that crepe paper!

A clump of sequins or confetti is a great touch- a bit of a mess is a small price for that festive plume of fun! Keep winding! Don't forget to change colors of crepe paper every here and there- it really does make them more fun to unravel.

A tiny miniature deer is a fun touch. Keep winding!

A silly joke is awfully amusing- especially for the kids at your party. Louise (7 years old) loved these!

Fold them up and...WIND!

When your ball has a pleasant heft and weight, seal the end with a sticker and a pretty message if you like. Pile them up in a bowl and watch the fun unroll!

If you try this, please do let me know how yours turn out. I'd love to see your party fun!


Rachel said...

These were so fun at your party -- I'm planning to do them for E's birthday party coming up in February!

SymbioticLife said...

I have a birthday party for a 3 yr old who is turning 4 on Friday. Guess what I'm doing now? Party favours!

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