Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Birthday Party!

There were pumpkins to paint (or carve.)

There were surprise balls. (I'll share my how to with you soon!)

There were decorations. (I made this Happy Birthday sign myself- see my instructions on how to make your own here.)
There were cupcakes- I never even want to LOOK at a cupcake ever again. (Or at least till the next party!) I used the easy how to in this book and used their suggestion of adding a cup of canned pumpkin to a regular yellow cake mix to give it extra flavor. We also served ginger snaps, apple cider, pumpkin seeds and popcorn. My lovely friends and family all pitched in and brought tons of delicious autumn-y things to share as well.

And there were costumes! Chicken, meet Kangaroo. Kangaroo, meet Chicken.

Have you been to any fun fall parties lately?

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