Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mermaid Bottle Opener

Well dearies, see exhibit A for more evidence of my deeply entrenched consumerism. I've been lusting after this silly bottle opener since my birthday and found it on sale on sale here and caved. Did I already mention that wanting nothing is tough? It came with two other sweet little openers, and as penance, I'll be giving them away as presents.

Have you found anything too good to pass up lately? Or better still, share something you DID pass up as inspiration to yours truly. I need a little encouragement!


MAB Jewelry said...

I so bought a vintage owl pendant the other day. I had several, but made them all into pendants, and they all sold. I'm keeping this one! And that mermaid is marvy.

Anonymous said...

i purchased a lovely indonesian coffee table while visiting a friend in indiana, from one of the best antique markets i've ever seen. i knew it could be a challenge fitting it into my car for the drive back to minnesota, but i risked it. couldn't pass the beauty up (due to it's unique craftsmanship and hints of blue in the side wood carving)! and thankfully she made it home in my back seat, just fine.


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