Monday, February 08, 2010

Movie Review: Anvil, The Story of Anvil

Reviewers more insightful than I have pointed out that This movieowes a great debt to that beloved cult icon "Spinal Tap", and it does. However, this film is about more than just mocking people who've been humiliated by the music industry and suffered indignities at it's cruel hand. (The gutters are littered with those unfortunate souls.)

This is a movie about when passion and commitment to a dream override any other considerations. It's about coming within a hair's breath of wild success and not getting it. Lips has a maniacal dedication and a sort of raw, emotional vulnerability that are the hallmark of someone who has pushed himself to his creative limits for years. His stoic partner Robb is the steady hand, but even he seems to teeter on the edge with desire for a kind of fame and success that continues to elude them both.

When are you supposed to give up on something that is your reason for existing?For these guys, the answer is never, never, ever, never. No matter what. Sweet, humbling and made with obvious love for the subjects.

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