Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Very Merry Imaginary Birthday for Me!

My husband has been asking me what I want for my birthday. I always find this question incredible, since I catalog the objects of my affection so dutifully on this blog. I have LONG lists of favorites in both of my Etsy shops- now totaling more than 145 pages! Amazon's Universal Wishlist button has allowed that list to balloon to more than 50 pages of lustiness. However, I recognize that my husband's conundrum may be the sheer size and freewheeling variety of all the wishes. So I'm throwing an imaginary birthday party for myself here, with a few hints for the poor fellow.

First and foremost, all my nearest and dearest would come together from the farthest corners of the earth to celebrate with me. Perhaps they could arrive via hot air balloons and wooden sailboats. After all were safely tethered, we'd make our way to a garden by the sea. The smell of freesia and roses would be wafting all around us, making us heady with delight. Copious amounts of champagne would be chilling in elegant silver stands all around the garden and white jacketed waiters with red polka dotted bow ties would pour bubbly for everyone. The waiters would use this bottle opener to open soda pop and root beer for the kiddies.

Next, a troupe of acrobats would perform for us- there would be juggling, tumbling and, of course, firebreathing. As the highlight of the performance, this beautiful cake would be carried out and set on an elaborately dressed table.

The fire breather would light 27 sparklers and bedeck the cake with them as we all whooped and hollared. Then, the acrobats would make a human pyramid and put me at the top so that I could blow them all out.

We'd slice big hunks of cake and eat it on these volcano plates. (All four in the series would look quite lovely hanging in our kitchen afterward.)

After our cake had been sufficiently digested, we'd don our swimsuits and head for the sea. We'd spend the day making sandcastles and floating in the gentle waves. When tired out, we'd rest on soft handmade quilts beneath beautiful painted paper parasols and make the sort of quiet, happy sighs one makes after a long, hot, pleasant day of fun with old friends. We'd munch on the fried chicken, biscuts and potato salad those thoughtful waiters had brought along in wicker baskets. There would also be a selection of iced tea or lemonade garnished with sprigs of mint and served from beautiful Murano glass decanters. We'd use old fashioned paper straws to sip them quite daintily.

After watching a gorgeous sunset, I'd pack away my shawl, sunglasses and straw hat into this beautiful tote bag (which also happens to be an additional 25% off with free shipping!) bid adieu to all my favorite people and go back home to slip into bed thinking how lucky I am to have been born.

Imagination is one of the best parts of living, don't you agree? What would happen at your imaginary birthday party?

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