Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I want nothing. Except Slippahs.

Y'all, this wanting nothing thing is tough. When you are pondering a "no buying for a year" pledge, the urge to stock up hits hard. I went on a binge and ordered a bomb shelter's worth of slippahs (that's Hawaiian for flip flops) from Old Navy. Very naughty.

And yet...had to tell you how fab these metallic ones are. The texture is more rubber than foam so they are really quite delicious to wear. They also have a wonderful shimmer that makes them look more expensive than usual and happens to match my current toenail polish. I'm curious what the other colors look like in person, but I want nothing. (And shall buy nothing. For real.)

1 comment:

prettygeeky.com said...

I was just pondering on how to spend less or more precisely, want less. It's tough. I feel you. =*(

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