Monday, April 23, 2012

Eat Like a Local on the Big Island of Hawaii: Sam Choy's

Sam Choy's re-opened with great hubbub here in Kona. It is hard to find parking and the place is packed constantly. For a little town like ours, a new restaurant is big news. Eric and I have tried Sam Choy's twice, once for lunch and more recently for breakfast. It has sublime views of the ocean- it's hard to believe this building used to be a Wendy's! 

The patio is the place to be, especially now that they've added an awning for shade. From here you can watch for whales and sneak a peak at their herb garden. This restaurant is committed to using sustainable local ingredients and we had fun watching a sous chef hacking off an armload of chives for the kitchen.

The breakfast menu is small, but there are some delicious local options. I went with the catch of the day, which happened to be Opah. If I were really local, I would have gone with rice instead of potatoes. The onions in the hash had not been cooked nearly long enough for my liking, but the fish was excellent, firm and light, as was the guava jam for my toast. For an $11 breakfast, I'd say we did all right. 

The other refreshing thing about Sam Choy's is the friendly service, which I'm sorry to say is often sadly lacking in Kona area restaurants. Too many waitresses and tourists busy jading each other perhaps? Not so at Sam's. Our waitress was a gem, keeping our coffee filled and conversation flowing.  We'll be back at Sam's for a little fresh fish and talk story very soon. 

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