Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arrangement of the Month: April

Fresh flowers are one of life's great luxuries, but with a little practice, they don't have to be a great expense. During our time in Hawaii, I've missed fresh flowers because I'm just not as confident arranging tropicals. I've decided to make an arrangement every month to share here and force a little practice. (That also means I'll have to do some flower arranging this summer while I'm in Portland and New York. Darn!)

Here is my handiwork for April! I picked up some pincushion protea, greenery, pink ginger and anthurium (that pretty heart shaped flower) at the farmer's market and added some flowers snipped around our condo.  I filled a spare pot with oasis, which makes for easy arranging, and covered the bare patches with a bit of moss. I was quite pleased with the result.

Do you keep fresh flowers in the house? What are your favorites?

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