Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eat Like a Local on the Big Island of Hawaii: Bite Me Fish Market

Bite Me is one of our favorite places in all of Kona. It's tucked away in a far corner of the marina and would be easy to miss. They've made the most of what could have been a dismal location (right next to the shipyard) with an outdoor seating area that emphasizes the view of the charter fishing boats bobbing at the docks and cheery red picnic tables and umbrellas. (If you don't get seasick, deep sea fishing could be a wonderful outing on your visit to Kona. I highly recommend our charming friend Bobby of the Cherry Pit as captain for your trip.)

What makes Bite Me so special is that their seafood is freshly caught that very same day. Their location at the Marina means they get first pick, and you can taste the difference. Eric says that he never really loved seafood until we came to Hawaii, and it makes perfect sense. Fish hat has been frozen for months and ruthlessly over cooked is rubbery and tastes unpleasantly fishy. Something straight from the sea smells like the sea- salty, sweet and faintly green.

Our favorite dish at Bite Me are the $2 fish tacos. They are an amazing bargain and can be ordered ala cart. Two is plenty. Flour tortillas, the fresh catch of the day (the friendly wait staff are happy to rattle off the list for you) seared and crumbled in the bottom, plus cheddar, cabbage, spiced sour cream and home made salsa make these worth stopping for. Wash them down with a local beer from Kona Brewing Company. (I like the Wailua Wheat.)

Editors Note: Since starting this series, I've realized that most of our favorite restaurants are low brow. I've been sadly disappointed with fine dining on Big Island. The quality, price and ambiance just don't align. Eric and I have learned to cook in for special occasions instead. (It presents a really fun challenge actually!) Are your favorite restaurants high or low end?

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