Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do you do Strange Things in your Sleep?

Do you do strange things in your sleep? Like talk nonsense, or get out of bed? I most definitely do. Poor Eric is a light sleeper and I do all sorts of weird things: I giggle. Sometimes, I dream that I am in our room, in our bed and a strange person is in the corner looking at us. I dream that I have just woken up and let out a blood curdling scream. Eric is instantly awake and trying to calm me, and I can feel his heart pounding through his chest. I am usually back asleep in a few seconds (never having really been conscious) while he lies there letting his blood pressure go down. Sometimes the poor fellow never gets back to sleep.

Last night, we'd just enjoyed watching one of my all time favorite movies, Get Shorty, and after we'd been soundly asleep, I turned on the light and told Eric I was looking for chili oil. (Connection to main character Chili Palmer? Perhaps.)

"What?" he said blearily.
"Have to find the chili oil." I mumbled wandering around the room.
Eric continued to press me, "What the hell are you talking about?".
I started to wake up.

It's the strangest thing to wake and know that there was a connection in your mind only a moment ago that is now rendered ridiculous by consciousness. It makes you feel stupid. And grouchy. You are trapped between the two sides of your brain and neither part is working well.

I think the only thing I find truly unbearable is to be misunderstood. It's torture. As Eric continued to ask what I was talking about, my frustration mounted as my chances of ever lucidly explaining what I was talking about drained away.

"Oils and Vinegar! Salt and Pepper! Oils of Aloha! CHILI! OIL!!!" I shouted. I was now completely awake. And completely pissed. Even knowing how silly I was being didn't really help.

I turned out the light and yanked the covers over to my side in a huff.

In the morning Eric said he would remember it forever after as "The Chili Oil Dream Fight". The only thing funnier than the nonsensical nature of the whole thing was how furious I was about it.

What funny things do you do in your sleep? Have you ever eaten anything in your sleep?


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! Luckily my sleepy mutterings usually do not make any sense, are not real words or even english, and therefore not understandable. The only time I apparently make sense is when I am convinced that my lovely boyfriend is conspiring to steal the covers...and have let him have it on more than one occasion. All I know is that I am not a nice person to accidentally wake up, especially when I was particularly tired. It's not a frequent occurrence, and luckily he finds it more amusing than not! (apparently I look like an angry child having a temper tantrum, complete with angrily pulling the covers over me in a huff)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. When my family went to New York this summer and saw How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, the night after I was singing Brotherhood of Men in my sleep. I also talk and giggle in my sleep.

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