Monday, July 04, 2011

Visiting Vienna: Our Flat!

First order of business on arrival in Vienna? Laundry. (Did I mention we each packed nothing but a carry-on for this six week adventure?)

Second order of business? Removing the terrifying artwork (The bosoms, primary colors AND cubism were a bit much for me.) for safekeeping under the Murphy bed.

We have yet to fold it up, but I think we may have some friends over for dinner, in which case we'll definitely need the room! Note the twin duvets on the queen sized bed. An interesting European phenomenon which has it's logic- no one can steal the covers and leave the other shivering in the night- but makes for a funny looking made bed.

It's a tiny place, but we have a great location with much of the landmarks in this very walkable city only a few blocks away. (Thanks as always to that talented Eric!) I've enjoyed living in such a tiny space- cleaning up is a cinch and everything is easy to find. I also like the Goldilocks sensation of just right- not too much, not too little.

However, I think this is a trade off I'd only be willing to make if I had a city at my disposal for those times when I start to feel a bit stir crazy. No doubt this is how Viennese cafe culture got it's start- they really do feel like communal living rooms but with a pastry case and those wooden library holders on the newspapers. I'd also do it in exchange for life at sea or on the open road. But in rural Hawaii? I think I need just a tad more space- if only for parties! We'll see how things shake out when we return to our island.

Have you ever lived in a tiny studio? What were the pluses in your mind? The minuses?


One Blonde Girl said...

So cute! And for only six weeks, it seems entirely doable, and of course, like you mentioned, having the city right there certainly helps. I think you made one grave error; bringing only a carry-on (while I'm sure very convenient) means you can't do much shopping. Hope you're enjoying your adventure (I'm beyond jealous)!

Anonymous said...

Just adorable! Thought of you tonight, we went to see the new woody allen flick set in Paris...had a lovely couple days by the pool w/ my guy!

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