Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Visiting Vienna: Setting the Scene

Vienna is strikingly beautiful. There are architectural details like arched window frames, baroque statuary, giant limestone blocks and pillars and matching topiary at entrances to cafes that create a tidy and dignified elegance. The quaint touches haven't been overlooked either- horse drawn carriages for sightseers clip clop across the uneven grey cobblestones and the rooftops are covered with rounded glazed tile or faded wooden shingles.

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know much about Vienna or Austrian culture beyond The Sound of Music and Mozart. I wasn't sure what there was to see or do here. Now that we've already been here almost two weeks, I'm so glad we had an entire month to spend enjoying this lovely place. There are so many treasures of history, culture, art and music here-I've enjoyed doing it slowly and savoring each moment. I will do my best to share it so that you can also linger over this wonderful place whether you are near or far.

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