Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Tiny House

Have you already heard about Tumbleweed and the Small House Movement? I've got housing on the brain in a big way and this idea appeals to my sense of idealism, but I have a hard time imagining life in 600 square feet let alone 89. I have terrifying claustrophobic dreams of passing through series of smaller and smaller doors- shimmying in on my belly and unable to ever get out again. (Eeek!)

But I also love the romantic nomad-ism afforded by life in a gypsy caravan, house boat or Airstream trailer. And I think a home like this would force you out of doors to enjoy the beauty of the nature around you. It's like a little mini Walden! Could you take the plunge and live the streamlined existence a home like this would demand? I'm on the fence. Have a look at the stories of real life people who've done it here.


ArtSnark said...

I could have done it when single but with a toy-magnet 5 yr old...impossible! Are you familiar with this fabulous blog?

She is an amazing nomadic artist who lives in her unique caravan. 1 of my favorite blogs by far

tangata said...

I wanted to live in a sailboat, would like a trial period first tho!

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