Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Modern Gypsy Caravan is a Vintage Camper

Even though we have a contract to stay here in Hawaii until the end of next school year, the wheels are already turning as we begin plotting our next adventure. There is a long list of possibilities, and I thought it would be fun to share the process with y'all.

One of my favorite ideas is to downsize all our possessions (again. Ugh.) and live like Gypsies for a year, crisscrossing the American continent in a little vintage trailer. I did a bit of cursory internet research, which yeileded lots of expensive, unattractive results- you know, wallpaper boarders and curtains that match the pastel upholstery, vinyl flooring and neon lights. I threw up my hands.

Then I saw a commercial for With it's charming, easy to navigate layout, it answered a lot of my questions without trying to sell me anything and pointed me towards Tin Can Tourists- a virtual treasure trove of restored and vintage trailers, and a community of helpful enthusiasts. Now I can't get the idea out of my mind!

I'm encouraged because a lot of the smaller vintage trailers were quite affordable. I've always wanted to take on a remodeling project, and I think the small scale of a camper would be less intimidating than an entire home! I have lots more potential plans in mind for the year after next, but this one is quite exciting! Wouldn't it be fun to drive from Monterrey to Miami to Vancouver, blogging all the way?

1 comment:

amy said...

Love it! I have made 2 cross country trips and I'd love to do another.

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