Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kristin's New Pad!

At long last, Kristin and I arranged a photo shoot so we could share her apartment re-vamp with all of you! She is so thrilled with the transformation- I think we really took it from a crash landing pad to a home. Here's a peak at the before!

This is a furnished rental apartment, so everything was quite neutral. There was some terrible hotel art on the walls, so the first thing we did was take it all down and hide them under the bed to give us a clean slate to work with.

There isn't much stuff in this small apartment, but in such a small space, clutter determines whether a space feels calm or chaotic.

This area in particular we wanted to make more functional for Kristin so she could use it for eating and food prep instead of random stuff catchall.

When vertical spaces are filled to the brim, it tends to weigh down the space. We decided to re-imagine her photos as art on the large wall opposite so we could re-claim this tabletop for a display of something inspiring and lovely to look at.

The bedroom already had a wonderful jolt of color- we just wanted to add some details to make it feel more cozy and relaxing.

Here is our heroine enjoying her new space AFTER. Doesn't it feel transformed?

At the narrow entryway, we re-painted some of her frames with simple coat of black spraypaint. Having a cohesive color makes a huge difference visually, cutting distraction so the art is the star. Here, Kristin chose to display some vintage Hawaiian post cards that were $1.00 a pop.

In the living room, we added a durable rug made from recycled bottles which made a huge impact in terms of making the room feel more personal. We also added hanging lanterns for a pop of geometric color and Kristin selected photographs and artwork that reflect her interests and personality.

Remember all that tabletop clutter? We transformed it into a visually impactful display of images that hold meaning for her. Now everyone who walks in the door can take a little walk through Kristin's life. The trick is to vary the scale, be choosy and use photoshop!

Now look at that tabletop. So clean, fresh and energizing!

I sewed these custom pillow covers with fabric she picked out and I love how they look Hawaiian, but the color combination still keeps it fresh and preppy. So perfectly Kristin!

I didn't get a shot of the lanai before, but we revived it with a pretty tablecloth and a potted orchid. Now she can enjoy her beautiful view of the garden and welcome friends over for meals.

To cozy up the bedroom we added some oversized throw pillows. (Aren't the pom poms perfection? I can't get over how cute they turned out.)

Hello Lilly Pulitzer, eat your heart out!

On her vanity we added a cork board for her growing jewelery collection. Kristin loves to make her own jewelery, so we needed a way to showcase her beautiful pieces! Seeing all your jewelery at once means you wear it so much more. When you can see it all at once, you can find the perfect piece in a flash.

Kristin also framed a small sketch a stranger did of her in a local bar. Art doesn't have to be expensive or professional to make it up on your wall, just take care in the presentation. Mementos like this one make a home feel personal and welcoming.

Wishing you all the contentment, success and joy you deserve in your new space dear friend! Congratulations!


Erika said...

Oh YAY! You girls did a wonderful job!...so crafty you are ;)

Momma D said...

What a transformation, great job!!

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