Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Airplants- The Zen-iest Houseguests!

A little more catalog inspiration! I loved the look of these grapevine airplants and had mentally filed them away when I came upon Tortoise Loves Donkey- who specialize in airplant sales!

Here are my little quartet of plants installed on a lava rock I dug up at the beach. So very zen, don't you think? These little guys don't like soil or being cold, but they do like a nice soak of water about once a week. I haven't got much of a green thumb, but think I can handle that much.

P.S) That photo in the background is of my brother and I one Easter Sunday long ago! It's one of my all time favorite shots of he and I.

What kind of plants do you keep in the house? I've heard ferns are pretty easy- any tips?

1 comment:

Rosemoo said...

We have an array of succulents that are basically water once a month. Aloe, Cycad, etc. Very EASY! :D

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