Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini Bathroom Makeover; Finishing Touches

I did a little more fussing with the details of my mini bathroom makeover.

I filled the vases with seashells and added the Ship Shadowbox to the tableaux.

All this re-arranging got me to re-thinking my art selections. I brought in my wonderful Jacques Cousteau poster from Wayne Pate and moved my Seashell Specimen Boxes here to hang in a pretty row. I like how all the mirrors let me enjoy all these beautiful objects no matter where I am looking. I also think the variety of blues adds depth and prevents everything from looking to matchy-matchy or themed. (That would completely undo the relaxed beach vibe I'm shooting for.)

Apothecary jars and trays of perfume- I don't think I'll ever get tired of keeping those on the bathroom counter top. Someday I fantasize about having an old fashioned mirrored vanity table with a pretty silver monogrammed hairbrush and hand mirror.

What about you? Added any new feathers to your nest lately?

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