Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Etsy Portrait: Christmas for Gwen

With Christmas on it's way, I thought I'd reinstate my "Etsy Portraits" series from last year. It is so much fun to comb through listings with someone special in mind, don't you think? This collection was inspired by my dear friend Gwen who loves gnomes, the ocean and an exquisitely made cup of coffee. It was also featured on Etsy's front page recently!

this rather macabre Sailor Hand Clock has just the right combination of whimsy and dark humor.
Gwen loves to be outside in the sunshine and saltwater, so this print would be perfect in her house.

As a devotee of all things miniature and woodland, this Handmade Hobbit Hole would be awfully fun to play with. Plus, it's small and pretty enough to display on her desktop! (The seedpod bed is my favorite part.)

This stunningly Beautiful embroidered hat reminds me of folk art and the sweet acorn top shape calls up the woods perfectly. A bit impractical for Hawaii perhaps, but pish posh. It would be just the thing to wear on her fantasy jaunt to Scandinavia.
What could be better than serving perfectly made cappuccinos in this Stripey Vintage Coffee Set...

with sugar cubes and tiny cookies on these Handpainted wooden dishes?

This handwoven nautical doormat would be the perfect welcome to her home overlooking the water. (She has an amazing view of the Hawaiian sunsets!)

And I couldn't resist this Gnome & Deer Photograph- it's just about perfect.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

1 comment:

FoundVintageStyle said...

wow- I love all these selections, seriously!!!
I am very happy to be in company of such thoughtful & whimsical pieces, thank you!

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