Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Garden of Peacocks

E & I were lured off the road to Havi by a hand painted wooden sign that read "Botanical Garden". The garden part was a bust- it's quite dry there so the plants aren't the lush greens and intense colors one usually associates with the tropics. Lots of bougainvillea and a few succulents- nothing too thrilling.

However, there was a big payoff- an aviary full of gorgeous peacocks! We were quarterless, and therfore unable to feed the birds, but they came quite close.

It's no wonder peacocks are the royal bird of India- they are so regal looking and those feathers! They positively radiate iridescent light. And they just happen to be drenched in my favorite colors- blue and green.

We also spent some time admiring these baby turtles. So sweet! They look like old men even when they are tiny little things.

More adventuring updates to follow soon. I have a feeling this island will take a long time to explore throughly! What is your favorite bird? I'm always amazed by the variety of beautiful creatures on this earth.


raina said...

Favorite bird, can't pick just one! Common Murres and Great Horned Owls are among my tops.

ArtSnark said...

what fun! My fave tends to be whoever is at my feeder that day

AB's Rambles said...

what a fun day! those peacocks are gorgeous! i agree, they are indeed regal animals:) love the pics with the turtles:) u have such a great blog!

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