Monday, December 07, 2009

Imagining A Wintery Wedding

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Someone I love very much has been doing some daydreaming about her big day lately and I got swept up into the romance of it all. The colors she has in mind- silvers and blues- are perfect for a wintry wedding full of sparkle and shine. Immediately, I thought of Zoey Deschanel with her porcelain skin, ebony hair and shocking blue eyes. Her vintage sixties inspired look would be a great fit for Katie too. It's simple, not frilly and has a youthful, edgy feel. Here are a few of my picks for her big day.

This dress would definitely need some taking in, (our bride is a teeny little thing) and I'd love to see the hemline rise for a carefree, young look. The sparkling embellishments call up glittering icicles and crackling ice. For a really fashion forward look, she could rock black stockings and towering black heels. (Why not show off those perfect legs?)

With such an ornate bodice, a simple wisp of a veil would be just right.

Festoon the reception hall ceiling with hundreds of these tissue paper pom poms in every imaginable shade of blue, white and grey. It would look like clouds, snowflakes or a shadowy submerged world full of beautiful jellyfish and floating plants.

For rings, something eternally chic and loaded with symbolism. I like this pair of rings for her, which would symbolize the commitment both are making to K's little one as well as a present and future together. They could give the second ring to Lou on her wedding day many years from now.

The groom would look elegant yet masculine sporting this dapper bout.

The bride to be has great affection for matching bridesmaid dresses, but I can't help but think a range of blues would look awfully pretty up there at the altar. This would make a smashing bridesmaid dress.

This dress is a stunner too. I think simple bouquets of white chrysanthemums would be perfection.

These dupioni silk brooches would make sophisticated stand ins for the usual corsages.

A little guide to help the best man through his big moment at the reception. (Best Wedding Toast tip in Miss B's Opinion? Keep it cheerful, keep it brief.)

What about these adorable Russian Tea Cakes and raspberry champagne punch for something truly unexpected?


Lola said...

Beautiful selection! Mi sister is getting married and I will show her your blog to get ideas. :)

What are you looking at? said...

FUN! spot on with the ring choices! :D

Red Ruby Rose said...

Wow, gorgeous choices, I adore that sixties-inspired dress, so beautiful.

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