Friday, September 04, 2009

Bedroom Before and After

Can you stand a little more makeover action? (I'll admit I've been watching LOADS of What Not to Wear lately and it may be rubbing off. Excessively. But it's a really good show.)

Before. (But with my fab new lamps)

Et Voila! $45 e-bay Pottery Barn Ikat Duvet and Shams, plus my Chinese throw pillows. Isn't the orange and red incredible against the aqua wall?

This embroidered linen is one of my all time favorite finds. I'm guessing it was once part of a Greek Orthodox altar set? Now it's a pillow on my bed. The needlework is exquisitely fine.

Scored these black lamps at K-Mart for $20 (The last of Martha's goods are on clearance right now!) The inside of the shade is gold and they cast a lovely glow, plus I love the silhouettes.

My jewelery is jumbled across the dresser, but at least it's a sparkling bejeweled mess sans doilies. I also changed up the artwork on the shelves and added that wonderful plaster branch coral sculpture from China. It's coming right along!

Feeling much better, thanks for all your kind words. Can't wait to share my new office space with y'all once my boxes arrive. Eric and I also ordered a hammock for the lanai (Hawaiian for patio) which we'll be putting up and lazing around in this weekend. How will you spend the long weekend?


panoptica said...

Man, you do amazing things Miss B!!!!

organic baby cribs said...

Wow! You did a great job on those! You really do wonders! Very nice!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a great "new" room!


Beautiful! You know what those colors remind me of? Frida's art! You should frame a self portrait of her! (that is if you don't mind looking at a unibrow) I love your blog and I am new to blogging and could really use your expertise!

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