Thursday, September 03, 2009

Before & After

If you follow this blog you know that Eric and I move around. A lot. We've rented furnished and unfurnished spaces all around the world. But this time is different. Technically, this is just a furnished home, no different than any other we've rented. But it feels very lived in. There are personal mementos everywhere, the closets and drawers are all full of belongings. Even the pantry and refrigerator are stuffed with food.

The owners usually rent their home for a month at a time to people vacationing here. But when Eric proposed a long term rental, they were really excited. Turns out they had itchy feet as well and were considering just such an arrangement.

Since we'll be living here for two years, it was very important that it feel like our space and our home. We got permission to move things around to our liking, but it will be a process.

Things are shaping up. I've ordered some things and several boxes of my art supplies and clothes are due in the coming weeks, so the space will feel more personal very soon. In the meantime, here are some before and afters. (I don't know about you, but a good before and after session always gives me a little thrill.)

Before. After.After. (Don't you love this orchid? It looks to me like a cross between a starfish and a tarantula!)

Before.After- photos to be added to frames when boxes arrive. Can't wait!

Before.After. It is incredibly hot and humid here. Electricity is also wildly expensive and most people avoid running air conditioning at all costs. It breaks my heart to block out the gorgeous tropical light with venetian blinds, but the withering heat demands it. (I opened them to shoot these after pics for y'all. What a difference the light makes, huh?)

After. Still not a huge fan of this painting against this wall color. Thinking a move to office (mint green walls) or bedroom (aqua blue) might be in order. Mentally insert this poster there instead.
Ours is gold and white and was a super thoughtful wedding gift. (Thanks Judy & Rob!)


After- different angle, but you get the gist.

More to come. Hope you'll be there cheering me on and offering suggestions.


The Fab Miss B


panoptica said...

Loving it... So I've got 2 years to go visit you in Hawaii right??consch

By the way, your new hours are weird. You tweet while I sleep...

tangata said...

ohh soo much better! maybe you should consider staging while you're there!

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