Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What do you Love about Spring?

Jimena is hosting this week's blog carnival so I knew I had to make a post! Her question is, what do you like most about Spring?

Since we are living in the desert, the transition from winter to spring isn't quite as drastic as it was during winters in Chicago or Minneapolis. But I have planted some herbs, there are cherry blossoms blooming along the roads and ranunculus for sale at the grocery store. The winter survivor in me still gets a lot of pleasure from the way plants respond to the sunshine and lengthening days. It's hard to describe how what a little green thing can do for you after week upon week upon week of grey, grey, slush, ice, skidding tires and more grey. A delicate blossom on a tree branch makes you feel so hopeful all of the sudden. So let's just say, I don't take it for granted!

What do you love most about Spring?

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