Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Mini Break in Chicago!

We're off to Chicago for the wedding of some dear friends. Enjoy the auto posts (oh how I love auto posts!) and I'll be back and refreshed on Monday. Please take a moment to vote in the little poll I've added to your left- I'd love to know what your favorite features are here on The Fab Miss B. (Feel free to add other favorite posts or features in the comments if your favorite isn't a choice.) Have a wonderful rest of the week!



P.S) Did you see these fabulous wedding portraits by Duston Todd on the always glam Coco Kelly? I love 'em!


Leigh said...

Some more amazing wedding photos... Oh how I love the originality.

Also yes the world is to fascinating to be bored. :))

Thank you!!

Lauren K said...

Oh so jealous! Chicago is my hometown, born and raised and missing it everyday! Enjoy your trip!

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