Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm no David Hicks, but...

Our bedroom had the same problem as my office...namely a bad case of the "blahs".

I don't know how long we'll be living in Shenzhen so I'm hesitant to buy any major pieces of furniture etc (Tough for me since they have the most beautiful Chinese antique reproductions for practically nothing and I found one shop that sells nothing but those giant baroque Frenchy foo foo mirrors! It's torture!). So I had to content myself with changing the bedding and pictures.

I found these airplanes in a thrift shop just before our "bon voyage" wedding, (I imagine they hung in some little boy's bedroom in the fifties!)but never figured out a way to use them for our party. (We hung a big collection of vintage globes decked out in glitter from the ceiling and used all my antique suitcases to display the flowers and what have yous.)

You are probably sick of hearing about how cheap everything is in China, but I have to tell you about the framing. Its unbelievable. To get a simple poster framed at evil Michael's usually costs around $200. I've had three posters done since I've been here. Grand total? $160 Renminbi or about $20. Crazy, right? I figure I won't worry about getting them back to the States. At that price I could just chuck them out the window when we leave and let them shatter all over the courtyard. And they look great, don't you think? I was very pleased. The airplanes I will probably find a way to bring home...Eric likes 'em because he wants to learn to fly someday and I like 'em because they remind me of our adventures. So into the suitcase they'll go.

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