Friday, April 07, 2006

A eulogy and a move review, its like your reading the newspaper of Moi!

Thank goodness for Trina Schart Hyman. She was a children's book illustrator, and almost all of my favorite books as a child had her amazing drawings in them. They are gorgeous and dark and haunting. Its strange how deeply they figure in my imagination. I remember them so vividly and the details are just exquisite. I hadn't realized that she had passed away, and so this is my belated tribute/eulogy. Thank you Trina for your beautiful illustrations and stories. They were like divine fuel to my six year old brain. I remember trying to copy your drawings and illustrating my own versions of all those fairy tales. Check out her Wikipedia biography and do go the library or amazon and buy one of her books. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Eric and I saw "Friends with Money" last night (for free, thank you Judy and Time Out Chicago!) and I really enjoyed it. It was that sort of sad-but-true-funny that I love. It got me thinking again about how difficult it is to write a screenplay that doesn't have a big set-up or twist or gimmick. Its just a story about some friends and their confusing lives and their complex relationships. The real climax of the movie has to do with Jennifer Aniston's character and her struggle to value herself and acknowledge her failings at the same time. There is no dramatic "leaving Mr. Wrong at the altar and running across town in flowing white wedding dress to the shabby apartment of the poor but wonderful Mr. Right". How refreshing.

My sweet house husband has made us veggie burgers, fries and a nice Heinekin lite, and they are getting cold whilst I am buzy blogging, so I must go and enjoy them. Happy Weekend darlings!

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