Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday is Sample Day! (Over in Seven Bites)

1) Applied Fake lower back tattoo to amuse my boyfriend.

2) Walked in the sunshine down Lincoln and decided to stop for a snack at Whole Foods. Lo and behold Saturday is sample heaven! We dined upon tiny carrot cake with cream cheese frosting with teeny tiny spoons and tasted little bitty halibut fillets in special sesame sauce by Charlie Trotter, there were also tiny cups filled with spiral cut ham and lemon green beans and little slices of fancy cheese with fig jam spread over them. We didn't even buy anything because the lines were so disgustingly long. How lovely.

3) Bought two slightly mannish pairs of khaki pants. (Africa is imminent and we all know khaki is requisite.)

4) Tasted wines and visited with the always kind, charming and radiant Mr. Armanetti of Armenetti's Liquors. Now there is a person who is passionate and filled with joy about his work and loves to share his knowledge with everyone he meets. (Plus, more free samples! Eric was giddy.)

5) Found an awesome tin with a painted bird in a cherry tree for 6 bucks at this little antique store that has lost its lease. Perhaps more high end condos are just around the corner. Oh joy.

6) Sara came for dinner and we grilled out on the deck and chatted about drinking and music and life.

7) Finished "Me Talk Pretty One Day" on Jessica's orders and almost peed my pants laughing. I must have more of this witty wonderful whimsical writer!

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Anonymous said...

sedaris is a genius. have you read holidays on ice?

-chris s

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