Thursday, June 21, 2012

Natural Looking Makeup How To with Lisa Eldridge

I've just been catching up on my blogroll, and found Lisa Eldridge's fantastic make up how to videos via Frolic. I love the results she gets, because the faces looks dewy, fresh and clean. It's never leaden or mask like, or overly made up.

I'm getting much more interested in buying high quality make up (perhaps as the result of my foray into Birchbox!) and now I've got a list of new products and brushes I can't wait to try. Watching her videos, you can really see how the word "artist" applies to Lisa's work. Her canvas is a face and I love watching her transform and accentuate the beauty already there. (Also, her British accent is so charming!) She has some great suggestions for skin care regimens and covering acne too.

What is your make up routine? How did you learn to apply it? What are your favorite products?

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