Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Pleasures: Letterpressed Birthday Cards

Letterpress Birthday Card from Smock Paper

Do you keep a little stash of greeting cards on hand? I've gotten in the habit of snapping up great cards whenever and wherever I find them because an occasion always seems to present itself. 

This little trick of buying ahead has saved me hours of wandering the aisles of "For My Half Sister on Her 33rd Birthday" Hallmark trash.  Instead I have a selection of things that are beautifully made that I am delighted to give. 

I came upon Smock Paper while hunting for a non-cheesy Father's Day Card and found myself ordering a whole stack of beautiful cards. I love how they feel homespun and luxurious at once. Dude and Chick is another favorite stop- they have great cards for men that are humorous without being stupid or trite. A rarity in the world of greeting cards, no? 

Do you still give old fashioned cards? Where do you buy yours?

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