Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guerilla Gardening at Work

Guerilla Gardening with a Christmas Amaryllis
Have you heard of Guerrilla Gardening? It's the idea of sneakily planting in a public space that needs a little color and love. The school where I work is full of spots like these and a year ago, I planted my Christmas Amaryllis bulbs in a random planter, not sure what they would do. (Don't they like a good freeze?) 

Then, a few weeks back, when I was having a particularly grueling day subbing, I noticed it was in full and glorious bloom, right outside the room I was working in! How is that for a moment of unanticipated beauty? 

This corner could still use some love, but doesn't the blooming Amaryllis cheery it right up?
Since Eric and I are taking down the tent poles again for the summer, (have I mentioned that I am heading off to New York for a month or so?) I have a lot of houseplants that will be needing new homes, and surreptitiously planting them around school will be a lovely way to share and continue to enjoy them. 

Have you ever done any rouge gardening? Do you remember this feature from Vogue? If only my guerilla gardening efforts were that glam (and well funded)!

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