Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simple Pleasures: Sipping Ouzo

Have you ever tried Ouzo?

Do you notice your tastes changing as you grow older? I'm noticing that I no longer like super sweet cocktails, preferring instead tart, floral or even herbal flavors. 

I impulsively picked up some Ouzo recently, mainly because I found the bottle so pretty. It has an anise flavor that reminds me of licorice or cloves, but much more subtle than Sambuca. 

Google suggested that I serve it over ice topped with lemonade and it was delicious. It tasted clean, refreshing, light and  maybe even slightly medicinal. I wonder if there are any top secret Greek health benefits associated with this lovely beverage?

What are you drinking lately? 

1 comment:

Gwen Edwards said...

I keep hearing about violet liquor and really want to try it. doubt we can find it in kona...

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