Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Decorating

My ornament collection just keeps growing. This scraggly tree is perfect for me since there is lots of bare space to fill!

Every morning, Eric plugs in the tree so it's shining like this when I manage to pull myself out of bed.

We set up a little mini bar in the corner. So far we haven't used it much since we have far more bottles in another cabinet, but it sure does look sophisticated.

Remember my DIY feather trees from last year? Also, these peanut butter cookies are gluten free!
I like glittery paper because it looks so very lovely underneath the lights. Who doesn't love sparkle?

My Mexican Nativity looks so lovely with my collection of mercury glass votives behind and some lacey Christmas trees to fill in the gaps.

Do you change up your decorations every year or do you stick with tradition?

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