Friday, August 19, 2011

Reinventing a Furnished Apartment: Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom in our new digs is positively palatial. It feels like I'm stepping into a fancy spa, which of course, I adore. Here's the grand tour.

I like to place art in the sight lines I use most often as I walk through our home. Remember my DIY seashell specimen boxes? They're on the wall facing the mirror so you see them while washing your hands!

These wicker trunks were scattered throughout the house for extra storage. I rather like them stacked together for dramatic effect.

Perfume collection displayed on an oval china plate along with a tiny finger bowl for jewelery. One bottle was a gift from my Mum, one from my lovely Husband. (And the cologne was a gift from me to him!)

This science beaker collection makes a nice tableau with a sea sponge bowl and a little model ship.

Purely a coincidence that most recent nail color matches new rug perfectly! (It's called Jade Jump if you must know.)

This Wayne Pate Jacques Cousteau Poster is right at home with a collection of glass fishing floats displayed in a trifle bowl.

The new rug was really affordable and also happens to match this vintage inspired swimsuit! Further coincidence or evidence that I spend too much time scouring the sale section of Urban Outfitters? Don't answer that.


claire said...

Very nice details! I really like the chevron rug :)

fully furnished apartment said...

Having a clean bathroom really makes a house beautiful. It gives a pleasant atmosphere and you don't have to worry about having guests in your apartment.

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