Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY Tiered Herb Garden for Urban Green Thumbs

I found this great tiered wire basket on clearance at Wisteria, but there are thousands of pretty vintage options on Etsy too. It's quite large so I felt inspired to turn it into a mini herb garden for my lanai.

I picked up a little packaged green and Spanish moss from Ace Hardware, along with some potting soil and herb starts.

First, I loosely lined the baskets with moss. This is just for show, so I only did the sides I will see.

Then, I lined the bottom of the containers with a thick layer of Spainish moss to hold the soil in.

Then came potting soil. (You substitute floral foam here if you wanted to create an arrangement with fresh cut flowers. )

Then I added my little herb starts. I love watering this little mini herb garden because each level drains into the next one. A word of warning- on the first watering, a bit of muddy water leaked out. I'd advice using a terra cotta dish underneath to catch run-off at first.

I'm hoping to do a better job with my plants now that they are all just a few steps away on the porch. (I'm a bit notorious for killing things off!) I chose to plant chives, thyme, and mint because I've managed to not kill them before and I love to cook with all of the above. I love basil too, but have had a terrible time growing it. I've taken to buying it in big bunches at the farmer's market instead.

Are you an urban gardener? What plants have you been the most successful with?

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