Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Corner: Gnostics on Trial

Melon Print from the extraordinary shop Naturalist Collection.

Let us make the test. Say God wants you
to be unhappy. That there is no good.
That there are horrors in store for us
if we do manage to move toward Him.
Say you keep Art in its place, not too high.
And that everything, even eternity, is measurable.
Look at the photographs of the dead,
both natural (one by one) and unnatural
in masses. All tangled. You know about that.
And can put Beauty in its place. Not too high,
and passing. Make love our search for unhappiness,
which is His plan to help us.
Disregard that afternoon breeze from the Aegean
on a body almost asleep in the shuttered room.
Ignore melons, and talking with friends.
Try to keep from rejoicing. Try
to keep from happiness. Just try.

found via the always inspiring Writer's Almanac. Check out Linda Gregg's Books here.

1 comment:

jessica said...

This is wonderful. Have you read Jack Gilbert? He's wonderful and (I think) he was Linda Gregg's partner for many years.

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