Monday, February 14, 2011

Lust in February: An Etsy Collection

I already showed you images from my real life inspiration board for February, but I couldn't resist making a virtual collection too. It's loaded with lots of natural fibers (thick wool, loosely woven cotton and fine linen in particular) every shade of green, a little blue, and pops of yellow. It's all about homespun simplicity and ease for me lately. See the Treasury Live on Etsy here!

The colors of this Kilim Duffel Bag make it a bit more wearable than some of the tribal trends I've seen. The pink makes it feel softer somehow.

I discovered this lovely fat Cat on Chair print via my friend Katy. Not only does she create gorgeous calligraphy, she also has impeccable taste- add her to your Etsy circle at once!

The same thing goes for my friend Libby. She scours Minneapolis for the most perfectly witty/kistchy things and she writes a lovely blog about it all. I'm crazy about these Souvenier glasses. They'd be the next logical addition to my (now massive) souvenier plate collection.

I think it's the bruised and battered terra cotta pot that takes this simple Moss Mound from ordinary to quite special.
I'd like to toss this Woven Cotton Scarf around my neck for a day of whale watching here in Kona. It would look right at home against that blue water.

I love the handmade feel of this Embroidered Pendant Necklace and the elegant silver presentation which makes it feel polished too.

What is inspiring you so far this February?


olive dear said...

very lustful february collection! Thanks for including my cat on a chair print!

olive xx

The4inONE said...

You've made a great selection!

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks said...

thanks again becky! i also have a souvenir plate collection, which i have yet to hang in my new house, but these photos are from waaaay back in 2007:

and this little one:

great minds think alike!

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