Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Inspiration Board: Greens, Neutrals & Texture, Texture, Texture!

I just refreshed my inspiration board and it's loaded with every shade of green, blooming things, variety and texture. Here are a few of the images I've pinned up.

I love the idea of displaying plants in a cluster like this- especially the orchids potted with river rocks! I just created a similiar display in the guest bathroom with wine bottles, vintage science beakers and leaves from my tropical backyard.

I love the simplicity of this photograph. I'd like to do more effortless entertaining and living like this- replacing quantity with amazing quality. (Don't you love the idea of Moroccan tea glasses for serving wine too?) This Green Painted tray is from Wisteria.

I'm taking a ceramics class right now (just to get my hands in clay again!) and I'm going to attempt some forms using these Neolithic Vases as inspiration. So lovely! I like the juxtaposition of such solid heavy forms with a few sprigs of light, feathery plants. Just right for the transition from winter to spring.

These Hemp Ballerina Flats appear to be sold out in my size, but I love 'em! (The green of course!) I think the Asian flare keeps them from looking too granola.

Did you see all this lushness in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings? I LOVE how they wrapped that giant urn in sisal rope. It's practically a tree in the midst of that linen covered table. I'm also attempting to make a collection of tiny bud vases like those to display single blossoms in clusters like that. It just screams "Abundance!"
I'd love to cover every inch of cold, hard, Mexican Ceramic Tile in our rented house with rugs in every texture. I love the natural neutrals here- nothing could clash with those shades!

What's inspiring you right now?

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