Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Rockin' Eve!

We're all looking forward to a fresh start come January 1st, but first we've got to send 2010 out in style. My husband and I will be dancing away the last night of 2010 while my friend Katie fiddles with her bluegrass band. If you're in Kona and would like to join in the fun, you can still get tickets here. Here's my inspiration for a fabulous night. See the treasury live on Etsy here!

Now this is the slogan for a great new year! Here's to clean slates and fresh starts.

What's more fun than an outrageously and unabashedly sugary Tingly Lolipop ?

Why not go over the top with some bow embellished peep toe heels?

These two are the perfect inspiration for a night full of fun and mayhem! (Harlequins always call up the new year for me with their black and white checkered costumes- it's something to do with being halfway between two things- the old and the new, don't you agree? According to Wikipedia, their real meaning is much darker. )

Sparkling vintage earrings will go perfectly with all the bubbly that's being passed around.

No time like New Year's Eve to experiment with an outrageous eye color- or three!

And what New Year's Eve is complete without a shimmering Mirror Ball? Wishing you a New Year full of surprise, delight and wonder.

1 comment:

Kate said...

I knew it! Those harlequins are trouble!
Have a great new year and thanks for putting up my screenprint.

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