Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hot Holiday Drinks!

Eric & I both came down with terrible colds this week. (The joys of teaching snot nosed youngsters!) My favorite remedy for a sore throat is always scalding hot tea with honey and lemon. I was just looking up recipes for holiday cocktails and discovered that we have been drinking hot toddies all week long- we just forgot the whiskey (an omission shortly to be remedied)!

What are your favorite holiday drinks? Eric makes wonderful mulled wine every Christmas and I love spicy Mexican hot chocolate. Just add a little cinnamon and chile powder to your usual hot chocolate preparation. Those little pinches of flavor send a wonderfully rich scent wafting up from the mug. I also bought a box of candy canes to hang on the tree till we need hot chocolate stirrers. Hurrah for flavor!

1 comment:

panoptica said...

hot chocolate is definitely my favorite... The oaxacan recipe is delicious: chocolate, cinnamon and almond... YUM!!!

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