Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Catalog Inspiration

One downside to doing all your shopping online is that companies get your address and besiege you with truckloads of catalogs. With my weakness for magazines, color pictures and holiday inspiration, I find myself unable to toss them untill I've at least thumbed through. Here are a few lovely things I've discovered recently.

I love the idea of a tree done in a nautical theme- especially for those of us who live by the water! This garland would look lovely in my home all year round.

Because Peace never goes out of season.

Handknit stockings that would be right at home in Whoville. Filling Eric's stocking is definitely one of my very favorite holiday traditions.

Beautiful tailor scissors would lend a certain dignity to all that ribbon snipping one does at this time of year. They look deliciously heavy and sharp, don't they?

And speaking of ribbons This assortment comes on vintage wooden spools. I'd love to put my ribbon stash on display in my studio on spools like these.

What's inspiring you this holiday season? I'm enjoying it so much this year- thanks Mum for sending along all my Christmas ornaments. It's been so fun to bedeck and bedazzle the halls with the goodies we've collected on our adventures.

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