Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Look What I found: Mermaid Dolls with Costume Fringe Hair!

We went for a jaunt to Seattle a few weekends back to hang with Eric's family. (As good Nebraskans they are devoted Huskers fans and were part of the 30,000 strong red clad army that descended on the city to watch their team stomp Washington.) Anyway, while they were off doing that, I was busy combing the city for goodies.

Are you one of those folks who is looking for Christmas presents all year long? I definitely am- it's a lot less stressful come December. I found these adorable mermaids for my nieces at Pike's Market. Their hair is made with costume fringe- isn't it fantastic? It shakes beautifully! I have a feeling this is one of the few things both a 7 and 2 year old could both enjoy equally. (Each in her own way of course!) Bonus points since I get to enjoy them in my office until then!

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