Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Great Lipstick Debate: Department Store vs. Drugstoree

Four Classic Reds by Emma Kisstina

I love the idea of splurging on fancy department store lipstick in theory, but in practice it's another story. I have a hard time actually plunking down the $25 when I can't find any discernible difference between the designer and drugstore variety.

There is a difference in the experience of buying the lipstick, but not in the lipsticks themselves. With designer lipsticks, you are paying for the incredibly well lit and miraculously fingerprint free glass counter top and the woman in the lab coat (By the way, why a lab coat? Is she a surgeon, physicist or microbiologist? Or just some lady getting minimum wage plus a commission if she can get you to buy an extra $25 lipstick?)

But I digress. This fancy department store lipstick caught my attention because it honors the Patron Saint of Red Lipsticks, The Evil Queen from Snow White. Also, the shade is called "Venomous Villian". I think it would go smashingly with my Joan Crawford Turban. Also, it's $18. I may just make a trip to the make-up counter after all.

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