Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kate Moss and The Perfect Striped Sailor Shirt

I spied this photo of Kate Moss rocking a Breton Fisherman Shirt in the August issue of Vogue and immediately pinned it on my inspiration board. She looks timeless and chic but also totally Now. I decided to hunt down a striped shirt so I could do my own version of this look.

For a busty gal like myself, horizontal stripes are usually one massive fashion don't, but I felt determined to find a solution. In general, scoop or v-necks look better on my curvy figure and I didn't want any fussy details on a shirt already so graphic. Sailor inspired stripes seem to be everywhere at the moment, but they are often marred by big gold buttons, odd ruching and ill conceieved pockets, so I was excited to find this little number in the Boden catalog my friend Kristin passed along.

Simple, with a flattering neckline and just the right scale stripe. At least, it looks that way in the photo! We'll see how it fits when it arrives. I was happy to snag 15% off plus free shipping thanks to the coupon code on the catalog. Request your Boden catalog here. I can't wait to wear these with my orange capris and a pair of metallic Boat Shoes. What trends are you wearing this fall?


Simply Sarah said...

Carey Mulligan was totally wearing this top too in her interview with 'The Insider' afer being nominated... such good taste!

Simply Sarah said...

Here's the link!


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