Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

This year I'll be celebrating my golden birthday- 28 years old on October 28th! I'm imagining a very intimate, glamorous party with sequin clad guests, sparklers, champagne and foil wrapped Ferraro Rochers. These are the goodies I'd love to unwrap that night!

I'm crazy for this lady. She's all the best things about pop music without veering into all the worst things about pop music. I'd love to add The Reminder to my i-pod so I don't have to wait for Pandora to send one of her tunes my way.

This bow cuff from Madewell would be the perfect thing to slip on my wrist- and would look so elegant with a champagne flute!

This birthday card seems made for yours truly...

The cutest sunglasses case I've ever clapped eyes on, and the perfect place to store these shades from Fred Flare!

A piggy to help me save my pennies!

Maira Kalman's Latest to add to my collection of beautiful art books. (I've got a few from Taschen and I love leaving them open to admire and turning a page or so every now- it's like a rotating gallery for your coffee table!)

What are you wishing for lately? Do you like lots of little treats or one big fabulous gift on your birthday?

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