Friday, September 17, 2010

Etsy Stories: Witchy Woman

You may be just getting around to thinking about Halloween but Imelda, that otherworldly lady down the street with the snow white skin, raven hair and scarlet lips, has been preparing all year. See Witchy Woman live on Etsy here.

Her collection of Wax Seals are at the ready to seal up the invitations for the spooky soiree she's planning.
She'll fill her assortment of cast iron Candleabras with steadily dripping candles to cast a ghostly light.

Her collection of artwork tends toward the macabre, as in this Poison Apple photograph, so she won't need to resort to anything as garish as fake cobwebs in the windows.

Her sinister pistol necklace is always around her neck, and that secret blade has come in handy more than once.
Her perfume has a fragrance of cloves and a touch of cauldron smoke about it.

Only the bravest kids in the neighborhood trick or treat at her door.

She favors eccentric black Hats like this one. No cliched cones for her.

A sparkly Dress worthy of Stevie Nicks.

A pair of sexy Fishnet Pumps complete the ensemble. Do you have anything spooky planned for this Halloween?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my print in your blog! I appreciate it!


Amber said...


Chris said...

Love your picks. And thanks again for including our candelabras in your great blog!

Chris & Lindsey

Mary Andrews said...

Oh how I enjoyed reading how you put each of the images into a cohesive story. Love your collection and thanks so much for thinking of me.

Keep in touch,

Solstice Scents said...

Thank you for including my Amber Rose Petals perfume in this awesome collection!

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