Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lust in August

It's August at last and I've been busy finding things to lust after. If only my wallet were as stuffed as my favorites! You can see all my picks for this month over here.

How funny is this "his" bathroom towel? His padded behind is a riot! There is an R-rated "hers" towel too. I'd love to have the risqué pair at our his 'n her sinks!

Since I can't seem to get enough of pom poms lately, how about raiding this stash?

This Mod Little Piggy would be the perfect spot to stash coins now that I've downsized my handbag!

A little teardrop trailer stamp to tide me over until I can have the real thing.

I'm wild about this illustration- it's my inspiration for the "Eat" Party I'm hosting for my Book Club discussion this month.

Can't help but love the whimsy of these edible chocolate toadstools. I'd love to put them atop a decadently iced red velvet cake!

Love the unusual color of these peacock plumes. I think I'd just stick a few in my ponytail for fun.

These bone china bangle bracelets are made from tea cups! Aren't they inspired?

What's on your wishlist this month?

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