Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tapioca + Crème Brûlée = Tapiolée!

I recently had a jolt of mad inspiration. I love tapioca. I love Crème brûlée. Why not combine the two? It was just crazy enough to work!

First, I prepared tapioca in the usual way, but with whole milk for extra decadence and poured it into these sturdy oven proof dishes. I chilled them overnight- not sure if this is a must or not. I'm just reporting the facts.

Then, I topped each serving with a layer of brown sugar with a sprinkling of white for good measure and smoothed the whole lot with the back of a spoon.

Next, I put them directly under the broiler for 7 minutes until they were just about ready to scorch. Remember, Crème brûlée means "burnt cream" and the French are devoted to taking carmelization as far as it will go before bursting into flames. This takes courage mes amis.

I recommend a cooling period lest one spoons molten hot lava directly into one's mouth. 5 minutes is enough for the sugar to harden into a delightful shell like the one Amelie so enjoyed cracking. This also gives you a bit of time to get all fancy with the garnishes. I chose raspberries from Costco and mint from my garden.

Savor your creation while it's still warm. So decadent. Bon Appétit!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! This would be a favorite dessert for me! I'm going to put Tapioca on my grocery list! I would LOVE to make it! ♥

Anonymous said...

this does sound really, really great. What a cool idea, thanks for sharing
peace n abundance,

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