Friday, March 12, 2010

An Etsy Story: Tropicalismo

When you live in a tropical paradise, your day starts when the sun comes up. The girl from Impenema opens her eyes, stretches and switches off the seaside nightlight on her bedside table.

She pours herself a glass of freshly squeezed guava juice into her a glass from her subtly colored vintage tupperware collection.

These Salt & Pepper shakers add a little spice to her breakfast of soft boiled eggs and toast, besides looking so cheerful on her kitchen table.

She jots down the dream she was having just before she woke in this elegant journal.

She walks down the hallway past these kitschy birds, enjoying the cool, clean wooden floors on her bare feet.

She switches on her radio and takes a moment to admire one of her favorite prints while she brushes her long hair.

It's hot today in Brazil. Our heroine slips into her favorite pale pink pleated skirt and a white cami, her cardigan tossed carelessly over her tan shoulders.

This parrot necklace adds a bit of tropical whimsy.

She slides on the handmade leather sandals (she has a whole collection of sorbet colors) that seem to go with every piece of clothing she owns.

She dusts on a bit of shimmery makeup with a big fluffy brush and applies a bit of lipgloss. Now it's out the door to stroll to a favorite cafe and spend the day sipping caipirinhas in the shade of a big ruffly umbrella.


Robyn said...

I love the colors and the flow of this post... I have also decided that I need a collection of brightly colored tupperware cups.

ArtSnark said...

fun fun fun!

Plaid Pony Vintage said...

That's a day I could use right now!

koralee said...

I love your Blog...and I must admit a wee bit jealous of you living in paradise! Thank you for finding me and leaving a I have found you! Off to visit some of your past posts. xox Happy sunny weekend!
{ps...I want that light}

E. Fernandez said...

lovely selections of Etsy goods, thanks so much for the feature!

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