Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh Isaac!

I picked up a copy of Isaac Mizrahi's How to Have Style at the library today. It's stuffed with loads of fun ideas and looks. I'm using it as a resource to rework things I already have in my wardrobe- there is nothing quite like re-inventing an old favorite, don't you agree?

I do miss seeing his line for Target- his clothes always gave me a little thrill. They were witty and playful but still chic and affordable. And not "affordable" as in Vogue (where I recently read $1500 cocktail dress described as "quite reasonably priced.") I mean affordable as in $40 or less. (I love an egalitarian!)

His Spring 09 line for Liz Claiborne was inspired, but I think the Fall line has fallen flat. Perhaps its the plaid plaid plaid everywhere- I'm just not convinced. (Especially because I'm now living in the land of endless summer.)

I especially LOVE the peak at his inspiration board. It perfectly describes his "I refuse to be categorized" aesthetic. Love all the color! What's on your inspiration board lately?

Mine has the new Lanvin ads with all the spooky black cats, a vintage Egyptian luggage label. and one of my favorite quotes from When Harry Met Sally : "Everybody thinks they have good taste, but they couldn't possibly all have good taste." So true.


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i bought one of his dresses at Target and it's the perfect LBD.

Simply Sarah said...

Ooooh! You should do a post on inspiration boards!! I think I might have to start one up, what a great idea! I could use a little more.... for lack of a more creative word... inspiration these days!!!
up for another game of phone tag?!

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