Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Satisfied Customer!

Victoria shared this super sweet photo of her fabulous new pillow installed in her bedroom. It looks right at home, don't you agree? I get such a thrill knowing someone is enjoying something I made. Thanks for sharing Dearie! (Take a gander at her blog right here!)


flaming coppercat said...

it looks lovely.
and so does her blog :)

tory said...

yay, my bed! i love that you love it. & i have to say, from the other end, it's very cool knowing (sort of) who took such great care and time to make this pretty little thing. i much prefer it to just picking something up at anthro or anywhere; much more personal and meaningful this way.

& i do knit & bake & the roommate is an origami queen, so if you're ever needing some handmade love from texas, let us know!

and thank you, too, to the coppercat. much appreciated.

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